A New Height of Laziness

I woke up hungry from yet another long nap. I have to say, I was hungry and was quite bored before taking the nap. Tired from ordering in, I reluctantly dragged myself out to a supermarket to get some groceries.

Today was the first time in 7 days I last went out. I had my bath, grudgingly wore underwear( #freeWhatNeedsToBeSetFree), wore jeans and a sweater. Oh yeah, the face mask. Had to use that too.

Walked out of the building, and noticed I was the only one using a face mask around. Let me paint a clearer picture, a black dude, in a predominantly white environment, using a black headset and a black face mask, walking down the road.

I know what you are thinking, oh noo, poor dude. Contrary to that, the inner model in me popped out. I walked down that 15 minutes sidewalk like a model, whilst catching a glimpse of my side profile from mirrored buildings.

Got to the grocery store, and boom.... Everyone had a mask, Not only that, but I also counted 5 black people. There goes my moment of fame. Suddenly, I wasn't unique anymore.

Got all the items I thought I needed (#teamNoGroceryList), made my payment and I was out to the street. You guessed right. Heads up, shoulders high, twisting and whining as I walked the sidewalk home.

Then it struck me, I didn't get an important item, tomatoes. Oh, snap, how in the world will you forget such an important item. Okay, don't panic, drop these items at home, then go to the smaller grocery store closer to your apartment, I mean, it's just a 5 minutes walk. Cool cool cool

Round two, here we go. Got to the grocery store, went straight to the tomatoes aisle, oh no, they don't have the brand I'm used too. Why is this brand so expensive? Okay, you know what. Just walk around for a bit, then if you still can't find that brand, you'll come back to pick this.. all right then, Los gehts!.

Side eye, uhh wait... A gorgeous damsel just walked past.

Now we can proceed...

Uhhhhhhhh, baking aisle. I mean, I still haven't baked anything yet. Fine! , you need flour, yeast too, baking powder too, you can as well just get them now .. nice. Oh look, ...potatoes, yes, they have sweet potatoes. That's true, I'm out of milk too. ohhhh, they have oatly here, jackpot!

Time to check out, I mean, I've spent close to 30 minutes here already. Oh nice, the attendant was quite nice, I bet she was smiling underneath that mask. Time for another 5 minutes runway walk home.

Got home, sorted my grocery and then it hit me..... I still don't have tomatoes. Bearing in mind that tomorrow is Sunday and the shops will be closed, I could either go back to the grocery store, making it the third time or, wait till Monday.

Yeah, Monday is fine.

Question: At what point, did I lose track of the goal tho?