Gathering my Thoughts

I am not much of a writer, neither a poet; but someone once said:

“If you want to be extraordinary, You have to stop doing the ordinary”.

I believe as Humans, we all are under-utilizing our senses, Most especially our brain as regards to logical thinking and exploring its capabilities. (I am not here to argue about the 10% myth)

I am yet to find anyone who can boldly say “I am using my brain to the best of its capabilities”. The question is how do we know its capabilities? How do we measure it?. Is there a physical yardstick to measure with? are there times we just need to revamp the entire brain or just sectors?

My dad is a proud Farmer(Among many other things), He taught me how to take care of my Machete. If I go to the farm with a blunt machete, that means I will require more effort, spend more time in cutting down bushes and end up covering fewer grounds. But when I spend time sharpening my machete, making all its edges as sharp as can be; I end up using less time and less effort in cutting down the bushes; plus I get to cover more grounds.

The truth is this, we can not fully comprehend how the brain works neither know its full capabilities, but if we spend time sharpening it, we will end up covering more grounds.

People ask what makes Extraordinary people special, the answer lies in the first 5 characters of that word “Extra”. It is not just about buying or acquiring the right machete, it is about putting extra work to make sure that machete is the best machete available among its peers.

We all have brains, but that does not mean we all are smart; you can only be smart if you feed your brain with the right set of information, challenging yourself to be better, spending time developing your skills, having a set plan for the year(and the list goes on).

Personally, I hunger for knowledge, I constantly want to know how entities operate, How technologies interact, How to solve more complex problems with technology thereby creating a better atmosphere for generations behind.

There are just lots of things to learn in this world. Do not stop learning, Do not stop building, Do not stop creating. At the right time, all your hard earned skills will pave ways.



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