Attention Reallocation

Communication is a crucial part of building any relationship; be it relationship with your 1 year old kid or relationship with your parent.

Once you strip communication off any relationship, that said relationship is as good as dead.

If you believe in God as the supreme being, think of your relationship with him. You can claim to love God all you like but the moment you cease from communicating with him, you'll notice a decline in your relationship with him. You can't claim to love him without communicating with him.

Let's look at relationships with friends, or rather, a best friend. You can't give the status of a "best friend" to someone you hardly communicate with. That type of relationship cannot stand the test of time.

When you communicate with a friend, subconsciously, you are allocating a part of your attention to that said friend. I believe this is a good thing. Just like everything you put out to the world, a part of you always expect a reciprocation.

So what happens when such attention is not reciprocated? I have a simple proposal. Why not try reallocating?

There are lots of people in the world who are longing for your attention, why not indulge them? I know, how about if the attention is not reciprocated? Or even worse, they turn out to be the devil reincarnated?

That's simple. Do the same task again, reallocate that attention till you get friends who will reciprocate that act to you.

Eventually, you'll end up with a circle of friends who deeply care about you and won't take for granted your friendship.