Be Better!

I shared this message with my group of friends and I thought it wise to publish here also.


We all have to Challenge ourselves to be better next year.

Career wise, relationships, social life. Hold yourself to a greater calling.

Be kind to people, treat people with respect. Understand that each and everyone you meet is different. Be a people person, but also, have a limit.

Take your time to appreciate those around you, don't wait till the end of the year to do that. Don't wait for them to pass on before writing an eulogy.

Give yourself unreasonably broad goal for the year, e.g, you want to get a 7 figure job, then break it down to smaller goals and bits, then walk your way up.

Take care of your emotional health, don't be scared to cut off friends that don't contribute to your goals/dreams.

Don't be scared to block people on WhatsApp and other social media platform. Don't be stingy with yourself, have fun when you can. Spend on yourself.

Have a smaller tight circle, make sure those in the circle push you to be a better version of you.

Take care of your health, sleep well. Don't ignore those little headaches, your body is warning you.

Apply for scholarships/Jobs that are even way beyond your scope. Learn from the rejections.

Do you wish to relocate to a different country? Make intentional plans towards it. Put your plans into action.

Deliberately make out time to spend with your family, they've been there for your through thick and thin. Appreciate them.

Read more, more articles, watch more YouTube videos about things way beyond your field.

After today, 12 more months before the end of another year, make it count.

Be Better!